Industrial Chemicals

We, Ankit Enterprise, started our operation in the year 1995, are engaged in trading and supplying Chemicals. Inclusive of Inorganic Chemicals, Color Pigment, Rubber Chemicals, Ink & Paints Raw Materials, Electroplating Chemicals, Water Treatment Chemicals, etc. 
We offer:

Inorganic Chemicals

Sodium NitrateGet Quotation

Sodium Nitrate

Sodium NitriteGet Quotation

Sodium Nitrite

Color Pigment

Lemon ChromeGet Quotation

Lemon Chrome

Beta Blue PigmentGet Quotation

Beta Blue Pigment

Green 7 PigmentGet Quotation

Green 7 Pigment

Primrose ChromeGet Quotation

Primrose Chrome

Rubine Toner PigmentGet Quotation

Rubine Toner Pigment

Rubber Chemicals

Sulphur PowderGet Quotation

Sulphur Powder

Stearic AcidGet Quotation

Stearic Acid

China Clay PowderGet Quotation

China Clay Powder

Barytes PowderGet Quotation

Barytes Powder

MBTS PilcureGet Quotation

MBTS Pilcure

Ink & Paints Raw Materials

Carbon Black N330Get Quotation

Carbon Black N330

Calcium CarbonateGet Quotation

Calcium Carbonate

Titanium DioxideGet Quotation

Titanium Dioxide

Electroplating Chemicals

Zinc ChlorideGet Quotation

Zinc Chloride

Zinc OxideGet Quotation

Zinc Oxide

Chromic AcidGet Quotation

Chromic Acid

Sodium Bi-ChromateGet Quotation

Sodium Bi-Chromate

Ferric ChlorideGet Quotation

Ferric Chloride

Water Treatment Chemicals

Hydrated LimeGet Quotation

Hydrated Lime

Ferrous SulphateGet Quotation

Ferrous Sulphate

Aluminium SulphateGet Quotation

Aluminium Sulphate

Industrial Acids

Nitric AcidGet Quotation

Nitric Acid

Hydrochloric AcidGet Quotation

Hydrochloric Acid

Acetic AcidGet Quotation

Acetic Acid

Phosphoric AcidGet Quotation

Phosphoric Acid

Sulfamic AcidGet Quotation

Sulfamic Acid

Aquaculture Chemicals

Calcium ChlorideGet Quotation

Calcium Chloride

Magnesium ChlorideGet Quotation

Magnesium Chloride

Potassium ChlorideGet Quotation

Potassium Chloride

Soap & Detergent

Citric AcidGet Quotation

Citric Acid

Soda Ash LightGet Quotation

Soda Ash Light

Filter Aid

Hyflow SupercelGet Quotation

Hyflow Supercel

New Items

Magnesium CarbonateGet Quotation

Magnesium Carbonate

Aluminum SulphateGet Quotation

Aluminum Sulphate

Sulfamic AcidGet Quotation

Sulfamic Acid

Sodium DichromateGet Quotation

Sodium Dichromate

Galvanizing FluxGet Quotation

Galvanizing Flux